Out to Eat? On Your 30 Day? Safe Choices Made EASY!

So, you’ll notice that some “Days” are missing – Days 5 & 6 I was in Deep Cleanse … as well as 13 & 14 (coming up) … BUT on Day 11, I went out for a nice dinner and decided that I was going to enjoy myself but remain true to my Nutritional Cleansing journey.

Recommendations when going out to eat:

  • Know in advance where you’re going and look at the menu and have an idea of what it is you’re going to go for.
  • Not sure where you’re going?  No biggie!  Plan a meal idea in your head.  Most restaurants have grilled chicken, turkey burgers, salmon / tuna / shrimp.  Have any of those and ask for them just grilled with no sauce, or sauce on the side! EVERY restaurant has veggies / salads … and you can top any salad with any of those proteins listed above.
  • Scared of sauces or dressings?  You’re ALWAYS safe with oil and vinegar!  Red Wine Vinaigrette works well too :).  Still nervous?  Ask for a lemon, lime and orange and sprinkle citrus over your salad.  DELICIOUS!

I’ve been out to eat  4 times in my 30 days … Here were the options that I went with:

  • Day 11:  House of Brews  – Grilled Tuna Salad w/ No Cheese – Ahi grade tuna served on a blend of mixed greens, topped with tomatoes, cucumbers,  carrots, sesame seeds. (tomatoes and carrots are a no-no on the 30, so I ate around most of them).  Red Wine Vinaigrette Dressing.
  • Day 19: Lunch at Panera Bread – Spinach Power Salad w/ no Bacon or Onions.  Baby Spinach, Egg Whites, and Mushrooms – Added Shrimp.  Oil & Vinegar Dressing.
  • Day 20: Seasons 52 – Cedar Plank Roasted Salmon & Vegetables.  Veggies differ based on the time of the year and what’s in season.  DELICIOUS MEAL!
  • Day 24: Subway – Veggie Delite Salad w/ Tuna Salad.  Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, black olives and tuna salad with oil & vinegar dressing.

These were all awesome meals, safe (maybe not the tuna salad because of the mayo in it- but the rest was fine ;-).) and delicious

Yes, you CAN still have a social life while in the midst of your nutritional cleansing journey … and you CAN enjoy going out to eat while still being healthy :).

Hope this helps !!

Happily and Healthily yours,



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